Results of survey: why that little interaction?

Like we said in a previous post, we did a survey to find out why the members of our group don’t make advertisements. We recap shortly here the four points of our methodology, followed by the results and the conclusion.

Find out why no advertisements are made in the group, despite of the point system.

A survey sent personally to the members of the group. Participants get extra points to win the movie tickets.

A survey is more accessible for members, because they don’t need to make an effort about thinking of an open question. Because the members are not very active in the group, we will send the survey to every member personally.

Who, what, Where?
The members of the Facebook group, which were with 51 when the survey started, now there are 48 members.

To the questions “Did you post an advertisement at stEDUnt?” and “Did you react to an advertisement at stEDUnt?” the answers were always “no”. So every surveyed got the questions “Why didn’t you place an advertisement at stEDUnt?” and “Why didn’t you react to an advertisement on stEDUnt?”. The results of the last two questions are listed below:


Most of the surveyed are interested in tutoring, but they don’t have time at the moment. One person indicated she was planning to tutor, so hopefully we will see appear an advertisement in the near future.
As for the second question, only 4 people did notice that there were no advertisements, so the other surveyed didn’t look at the group or they didn’t remembered.
Two persons indicated in the other section that there are too few people in the group, so we’re going to make more publicity in other Facebook groups.


2 thoughts on “Results of survey: why that little interaction?

  1. I like the structured and clear presentation in this blog post.

    The conclusion remains a bit trivial though. If your questionnaire shows that your target audience basically doesn’t have time to tutor in this period, then doesn’t that raise questions about the viability of your overall goal?

    • Indeed, our goal is at the moment not reachable, because most students doesn’t have time to tutor with the exams in the near future. We can however introduce some activity in the group by asking about tips, troubles, … of exams. But it seems not a good idea to make the group a community where you can ask questions, because there are groups per faculty which are better for handling specialized questions about the matter.

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